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Funerals should be personalised and meaningful, however this is not always the case. Quite often the traditional format is followed and although this works well for some, it doesn’t work well for others. Aurora Funerals was opened to offer a modern approach to local families in Crowborough and the surrounding areas. With our expertise let us support you and empower you to have the funeral that you need and want to help you on your bereavement journey and that is right for your loved one. Funerals are the final time that you can come together with your loved one to honour them, reflect on their life and to say goodbye.

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Our commitment to you

As a truly independent funeral director, we are transparent, open minded and passionate in supporting families understand all the options available. We will listen to you, respect you fully and commit to supporting you from the very first moment you contact us, our support does not end once the funeral is over. We will gently help you navigate the choices available, guiding you in creating a personalised and meaningful funeral service that is truly special to your loved one and supportive to you.

Throughout we will dedicate ourselves to caring for your loved one until their final journey. We will treat them with compassion, kindness and the utmost respect.

The Story of Aurora

In loving memory of Pauline Newman 4th July 1945 – 11th March 2018.
Aurora funerals has been borne from a life of supporting others through some of the worst times of their lives. After 30 years in the social sector, supporting people who were at their lowest, I helped change lives and am proud of what I have achieved.

Following the death of my beloved mum, I too found myself needing support. Unfortunately it wasn’t readily available and somehow I not only supported my sister, holding her up when she needed it most, but I struggled through and came out the other side.

For months after I suffered with health anxiety and eventually received counselling to help cope with my loss. After a year or so I felt much stronger and began to explore the idea of working in the funeral industry to support others travelling the same journey that I had experienced. After months of research and training I co-founded White Feather Funerals in Heathfield.

In the years that followed it became apparent that many families wanted an alternative to Church or Crematorium funerals with traditional, but expensive services. I wanted to help families and give them options. Aurora was founded with those families firmly in my mind. My journey through grief has very much led me to new beginnings, I feel I have found what I have been searching for, for the past 30 years.

Above is a picture of my mum, even in death she never stopped guiding me, I know without a doubt that she never will.

Dawn x