What are your options for Scattering ashes?

Losing a loved one is never easy, and the process of saying goodbye can be deeply personal. For those who choose cremation, deciding what to do with the ashes can be a significant part of the grieving process. There are various options available for scattering or interring ashes, each with its own unique significance and considerations. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the options available.

Scattering in a Natural Setting

Many people find solace in returning their loved one’s ashes to nature. Here in East Sussex we boast a wealth of beautiful natural landscapes, and you can scatter ashes in a place that holds special meaning for your loved one or for your family. Common choices include woodlands, hills, beaches, or even gardens. Some considerations include obtaining permission if the land is privately owned, checking for local regulations, and using biodegradable urns to minimize environmental impact.

Burial in a Cemetery or Churchyard

Interment in a cemetery or churchyard is a traditional option. Many people prefer the idea of their loved one resting in a consecrated place. There may be restrictions on the choice of cemetery or churchyard, so it’s essential to check with the relevant authorities. Additionally, you’ll need to select an appropriate burial plot and comply with any regulations regarding urns or markers. Local options are Herne road, Crowborough Cemeteries – Crowborough Town Council Crematorium & Cemetery Homepage – Kent and Sussex Crematorium Wealden Crematorium www.wealdencrematorium.co.uk

Scattering at Sea

For those with a connection to the sea or a love for maritime themes, scattering ashes at sea can be a poignant choice. There are numerous locations where you can arrange a sea scattering ceremony, often with the help of specialised services. Be sure to follow the guidelines set by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, which include using a biodegradable urn and ensuring you’re a sufficient distance from the shore.

Memorial Gardens and Columbariums

Many cemeteries and crematoria offer memorial gardens or columbariums, which are specifically designed for the placement of urns or ashes. These tranquil spaces often provide a peaceful environment for reflection and remembrance. Families can also personalize these areas with plaques or memorial markers.

Scattering from the Air

A unique and increasingly popular option is scattering ashes from the air. That could be done via a firework, a drone over sea or even to the edge of space. Several companies offer aerial scattering services, where a small aircraft disperses the ashes at a chosen location. This can be a breathtaking way to honour your loved one’s memory, especially if they had a passion for flying or a particular connection to the skies.

Scattering in Waterways

Water holds a special allure for many, and there are various options for scattering ashes in water. You can choose a river, lake, or even the sea, depending on your preferences. Biodegradable urns are essential here too, and it’s advisable to notify the relevant authorities to ensure you’re following local regulations.

Choosing how to scatter or inter ashes is a deeply personal decision. It’s important to consider the wishes and values of your loved one, as well as any legal or environmental regulations that may apply. Whether in a natural setting, at sea, on the edge of space, in a cemetery, or through more unconventional means, there are a wide range of options for creating a meaningful and lasting tribute to your loved one’s memory. Whatever choice you make, it’s a way to find closure and ensure that your loved one’s spirit lives on in a place that holds significance.