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Aurora Funerals is an independent, female-led funeral directors, based in Crowborough, East Sussex

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Dawn is the Lead Funeral Director at Aurora

Dawn has worked within the industry for 3 years and has proved that this is not just a job – it’s a privilege and an honour to care for every family she meets in their time of need.

As a funeral director, the most important thing for Dawn is to be there for the family every step of the way of the funeral process. From bringing your loved one into her care and arranging the funeral service, to interring ashes and arranging memorials.

In the time Dawn has been working in the funeral industry, she has taken care of families of different faiths, beliefs and traditions and they have taught her so much and opened her mind to different ways of thinking. Here at Aurora we value diversity and everyone is treated with the same level of respect and dignity.

“I started my journey into the funeral industry just a few years after I lost my beloved mum. Until 2018 I had been lucky enough to never have to organise a funeral or to attend many. I had no idea of the choices that were available and unfortunately, I wasn’t made aware of them when I sadly had to organise my mum’s funeral.

It was only after, when I was stronger that I realised that I had not been given the options that others have had. I felt I had let my mum down. I am driven by not wanting other families to feel like this. My first question to all families that I support is to tell me about your loved one, I want to know about them, I want to guide my families to creating the funeral service that is truly personalised to their loved one and is right for them.”

Dawn Bew

Funeral Director

Samantha Sherwood

Funeral Arranger
Hello, I’m Samantha a mum of 4 but I have 3 living children.

I had my first encounter with arranging a funeral after the loss of our daughter in 2009.
I met a lovely lady at the funeral directors who made me realise there was someone there to help me cope with grief and handling the funeral details for me, she allowed me the time that was needed to grieve and help guide me through what was needed to be arranged and support me in any choices i made.

From this moment I knew I would like to be able to become that person who was there for me.

I’m grateful and honoured to be given this opportunity.

Rob Pelling

Funeral Operative
Rob is a valued member of our team. Rob has a caring cheery personality with a wealth of experience in the funeral industry. He supports Aurora with bringing your loved ones into our care and bearer duties.


Office companion
I’m Albert and love spending time having a cuddle. I’m paw – fectly well behaved and understand when to speak and when to stay quietly in my bed in the back office.

I live with Dawn and when we’re not at work I chase around the local fields.