Benefits of choosing a local independent funeral director

Benefits of choosing a local independent funeral director

When dealing with something as precious and complicated as the death of a loved one, the difficult decision of choosing a funeral director often comes down to trust.

But what are the benefits of choosing an independent funeral director over one of the national chains of funeral providers?

Serving local communities

Generally, independent funeral directors are owned and managed by a small, hands-on, team of people that serve the communities that they belong to. They have connections with the families in their towns and are well known to local people.

Independent funeral directors aren’t just there for the funeral. Since they’re heavily invested in the communities they serve, they have a real interest in looking after you and your loved ones in the future. They’ve made a long-term commitment to their community – it’s where they work, but also often also where they live. That means that it’s where you can find them when you need them the most.

Customer service

Without the pressure of corporate targets, a local independent funeral director, with a smaller owner managed team, offer a more bespoke and friendly approach during such a difficult time. They take the time to get to know their clients and provide individual support to anyone who walks through their door.

Dealing with a single point of contact throughout, from the funeral planning to the service and beyond is the norm at an independent funeral director rather than a box-ticking exercise of a national chain.

Lower prices from independent funeral directors

Prices from independent funeral directors are often lower and more flexible than those offered by competitors acquired by large national chains.

Because they are not motivated solely by the need to make a profit, independent funeral directors can afford to go the extra mile for families who require additional support and bespoke elements to the celebration of their loved one’s life. Put simply, making sure clients are satisfied is more important than shareholder value or meeting monthly targets. They are not controlled by rigid pricing structures and payment terms. An independent funeral director will take the greatest care when arranging every aspect of the funeral as their reputation depends on it.

Prepaid funeral plans

Independent funeral directors offer the added financial benefit of being supported by prepaid funeral plans. Services such as these can provide incredible financial relief for families who are not able to pay for a funeral upfront from their own savings. While funeral plans do require a certain amount of forethought and planning, and not all independent funeral directors will be covered by all providers, it is just another way in which you may be able to save some money with a local provider.

Knowledge of local services

One of the ways in which independent funeral directors manage to keep prices so low and flexible is not just in their business approach; it is also thanks to their long-standing relationships and deep understanding of the local area, services, and businesses.

Many independent funeral directors only source their services and products from other local companies, which means they have established and trusted relationships with them that in turn benefit you. Services such as florists, caterers, and transport.

Caring and supportive team

The entire ethos of independent funeral directors is ‘people first’. Many of these establishments are discovered through word of mouth, long standing relationships with families and communities. It’s this personal contact and relationship that so many people love about independent funeral directors.

Staff members are thoroughly trained to be able to deal with sensitive issues and topics at hand and more importantly, to see the individuals as people.

Bespoke funeral planning

Independent funeral directors are there to cater to the needs of individuals rather than restricted to a rigid formula like many chains unfortunately are. There is no overarching agenda or one-size-fits-all funeral package that cannot be altered. In fact, the sky really is the limit when it comes to flexibility for most independent funeral homes.

Families are often able to use their own coffins if they have one, decorate their choice of coffin, have the service at an alternative location to a church or crematorium, choose their mode of transport rather than a hearse or any number of requests that require a flexible approach.

The independent business model allows these directors to go above and beyond in catering for each need, reducing stress for the families and making them feel valued. Whether it’s sitting with grieving families for hours over a cup of tea or providing kind gestures, the personal touch is essential to the inner workings of most independent funeral directors.

Trustworthy with a range of choices

Ultimately what most of us want is an affordable and trustworthy service that we know will treat us with dignity and respect. There are plenty of reasons why choosing local and independent might be more beneficial for your family.

Ultimately, independent funeral directors are there to create an environment that prioritises a human connection, an empathetic and kind approach as well as generally affordable prices that are free from costly overheads. They are a window into our past, whilst still learning to adapt to the changing needs of the funeral industry and most importantly, they are here for you.

More about Aurora

Aurora are independent funeral directors in Crowborough, East Sussex. Led by Dawn Bew, Aurora proudly provides affordable funeral services with a friendly and understanding approach.

With a range of funeral choices and beautiful, calming venue the team can arrange the perfect send off for your loved one.